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'Daddy Don't Do Politics' is a charming, if somewhat irreverent, new single from Austin, TX singer/songwriter Roxi Copland. This banjo-led toe tapper is part Americana, part Bluegrass, and part Country. 'Daddy Don't Do Politics' also throws in a dose of social commentary in the vein of Jason Isbell's 'White Man's World' or Margo Price's 'All American Made'. Copland's penchant for humorous and satirical lyrics is on full display here, as the tune recounts a conversation with a well-to-do relative about one of the many issues voters will be grappling with in the upcoming US election - income inequality. 'Daddy Don't Do Politics' delivers a great hook, progressive lyrics and witty social commentary via a powerhouse contralto voice that's "a little sultry, a bit sassy, and kinda sexy" (WUWM Radio).

Having started classical piano lessons at age four, those (figurative) ebony and ivory keys have stayed close to the heart of singer Roxi Copland…she showcases her wit and social awareness on a bluegrass-driven piece of satire, perfect for early voting season – ‘Daddy Don’t Do Politics’
- Jack Anderson, KUTX 98.9 (Austin, TX)

'Daddy Don't Do Politics' demonstrates Copland's consistently skillful and clever songwriting, the ear-pleasing timbre of her voice, and the instrumentation of some of the best backing musicians on the current music scene. - Sonia Khatchadourian, 'Blues Drive', WMSE (Milwaukee, WI)

KFMG added this immediately...'Daddy Don't Do Politics' is a stellar song with an accurate eye on our world. - Gary Monte, Station Manager, KFMG (Des Moines, IA)

Over a walking bass line, sprightly banjo strums and snappy drums, Copland tells of a fellow suffering some self-delusion as a purported self-made man who espouses conservatism, though not flagrantly so. One need not stand on her side of the aisle to appreciate Copland's lyrical wit... - Milwaukee Shepherd Express